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What to expect from NFP?

The unemployment rate will be under the spotlight today as the Fed gears up to start tapering, expectations are that the Fed is set to announce tapering in November with a likely implementation in the first quarter of 2022. Read more.

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Intel gearing up for a breakout

Negativity rampaged throughout the markets last week as strong selloffs in the Nasdaq, Dow and S&P indicated that there’s a risk-off approach being taken by investors following Powell’s hawkish statements with regards to tapering that is more than likely set to be announced during next month’s FOMC meeting. Read more.

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Powel goes hawkish at Jackson Hole, Apple could be set

Fed chair Powell addressed the elephant in the room on Friday, tapering will take place and it won’t be at the same time as when they decide to raise interest rates. Apples earnings and revenue remain positive as earnings and revenue surpassed expectations in last months earnings reports. Apple was up 0.72% on Friday’s close. Read more.