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Botswana Property market up by 11%

The favorable economic environment and stability in the property sector has positive outcome to the local property sector value with the average price for residential properties 11% up to P800K, Market for office space remains weaker due to COVID-19 and Construction developments at Gabs CBD to unlock growth, economic development analysts have said. Read more.


Property returns were above inflation in 2020

Property returns were above inflation in 2020 but unstable currency has been chasing away sellers as  they are terrified to lose value leading to unstable valuation inputs  in the sector. Direct property composite returns stood at +401%,listed property at  +1,427% while  CPI  was at +348,58% during the period. An paper presented by Old Mutual Zimbabwe […]

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Is now a good time to buy property?

This year has been plagued by the Covid-19 pandemic. Having gone through the first wave of the pandemic and having to face the second wave with the addition of a new variant of the virus, a lot of people may be reconsidering their interest in real estate.