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Twitter sets up crypto team

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has expressed his interest in cryptocurrencies and he has been a vocal supporter. In fact, if you take a look at his Twitter profile bio, you will see the hashtag #Bitcoin. Read more.

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How to Create and Trade NFTs

The non-fungible tokens known as NFTs are becoming increasingly popular today among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Contrary to expectations, a significant portion of the crypto population is unaware of how or where they can buy or sell them. Read more.

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NFTs on Solana blockchain

Solana's blockchain has finally caught up with NFT. Solana NFTs have become a popular choice among social media users in such a short period of time. The crypto-sphere is dominated by people with Solana NFTs on their profiles. It is no surprise that the prices of NFTs continue to rise with the fast-growing adoption. Read more.