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International News and Market Update: Evergrande shares slide after it

Debt-ridden property developer China Evergrande is set to raise about $273 million from the sale of its remaining stake in film production and streaming company HengTen Networks. This is according to a statement released before the stock market opened on Thursday. Evergrande, the largest issuer of U.S. dollar debt among Chinese property developers, was on the verge of officially defaulting this year. The company has made eleventh-hour payments and resumed building apartments owed to buyers. But that's only a fraction of what the company owes. Read more.

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The Week ahead

Crude Oil is back above $85 per barrel and the market is pricing in earlier interest rate hiking in the US. It may seem the effects of the once termed “transitory inflation” are lingering longer than anticipated. Read more.

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Cryptos and the Future Ahead

Buy the dip, sell the bounce. That seems to be the narrative with crypto currencies when they experience a sharp move down. Investors and traders will reflect on the missed opportunity to have bought some cryptos including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) on the sharp moves down earlier in September. Read more.

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Bad Vibes: Everything you need to know about the Digital

During the past 18 months, South Africa needed a reliable and incorruptible leader at the helm of the National Department of Health. Unfortunately, former Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has recently been exposed to being closely associated with a corruption saga that involves the communication firm, Digital Vibes. Read more.

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