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The Cost of Loadshedding

Loadshedding traces its origins back to 2007, when former president Thabo Mbeki admitted that South African power utility, Eskom, was struggling to contain the crippling power crisis that it faced, resulting in the reduction of power to alleviate pressure on the national grid. Read more.

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Malawi: Wet land, dry taps, and plenty of opportunities

Twenty percent of Malawi’s total area is covered by 18 water resource areas comprising of key river basins that are further sub-divided into individual river catchments. Lake Malawi dominates the country’s water catchments with a total size of 28,750 km2 and accounting for 95 percent of all surface water resources in the country. Read more.


Energy sector investment opportunities in Malawi

Frequent power outrages and inadequate energy supply has wrung the Malawi’s social, economic and industrial development, leading to the Malawi Investment Trade Centre (MITC) to compile the country’s available bankable energy sector projects. Read more.


Large-scale investment in Zimbabwe’s construction sector

The government’s ongoing expenditure towards infrastructural development and investment in energy-efficient is encouraging the market demand for Zimbabwe Construction and Infrastructure companies as well as encouraging the involvement of companies that operate with technological advancements. Read more.

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