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Cotton Technical Analysis Summary

There are reports India may significantly reduce her cotton exports. Analysts are concerned adverse weather events and pest damage to India’s cotton plantations, particularly pink bollworm infestations, will result in considerably lower crop than previously expected. Read more.


Tanzania To Reform Cashew Farming

Minister of Agriculture Prof Adolf Mkenda said this in Mtwara City while addressing cashew nut processing stakeholders at a consultative session and creating a trend to bring 60% cashew nuts to be cracked in Tanzania to find a large market in and out of the country. Read more.


International market demands over $275m worth of Malawi legumes

Tobacco has for many years been called ‘Malawi’s green gold’, an expression coined to signify the importance of the crop to the country’s economy. But while the leaf enjoyed a favourable time and space on the international market, several crops in the legume family had been silently waiting in the wings to steal the show. Read more.

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