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Diamonds carry Namibia’s economy

Windhoek-Diamonds continue to be the backbone of the Namibia economy while the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) remains a top export earner for the Southern African country, the Namibia Statistics Agency has said in their latest assessment of the Namibian economy. Read more.


Malawi failing to meet livestock consumptions demand

In its frantic attempt to meet the beef, dairy and poultry market demands, Malawi’s livestock industry barely scratches the surface when yet a close, deliberate, environmental scan exposes the country as a lucrative investment destination for intensive livestock production.


Zimbabwean timber in high demand in SADC region

Zimbabwe is home to several types of wood that can be used for  structural purposes in building and construction; treated and untreated poles for transmission lines; hardwood for furniture manufacturing; and industrial wood for packaging, pallets, and cable drums. Read more.