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International News and Market Update: Shell to move headquarters to

Royal Dutch Shell has announced plans to move its headquarters to the UK as part of proposals to simplify its corporate structure. The oil giant will ask its shareholders to vote on moving its tax headquarters from the Netherlands to the UK. It also wants to ditch its dual share structure in favour of a single class of shares to "increase the speed and flexibility" of distributions to shareholders. Read more.

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International News and Market Update: Electric truck maker Rivian reportedly

Shares in electric vehicle maker Rivian will trade in New York later today after raising around $10.5bn (£7.75bn) from investors. According to media reports, the shares were trading at $78 apiece. This would make it the largest initial public offering by a US company since Facebook's initial public offering (IPO) in 2012, even though Rivian only started delivering its first electric pick-ups to customers in September. Read more.

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