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Bitcoin on rampage, breaks above $52k with El Salvador adoption

               Bitcoin price broke over $52,000, pushing the crypto market value to increase to $2.3 trillion for the day. For the second time this month, Bitcoin, the flagship crypto, broke the $50,000 mark. According to market capitalization, Bitcoin continues to be the dominant cryptocurrency. A surge in Bitcoin is also coming shortly after El Salvador […]

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All eyes on the Jackson Hole Symposium, Goldman set to

The markets managed to close the week out positively, as we saw the Nasdaq, Dow and S&P all close the day higher, recovering a substantial amount of the week’s selloff. Investors remain vigilant in the bull market as vaccination rates continue to increase despite the Delta variant risk. The European markets followed suit as the US Indices dragged the Dax and FTSE higher. Read more.

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Is investing in altcoins a smart idea?

                                    For starters, they say altcoins basically any cryptocurrency other than the legendary Bitcoin. They do share some particular characteristics but differ on many fronts as a result of their invention often being more of a supply-demand structure. They usually include a different consensus mechanism to produce blocks or validate transactions, or better yet, […]

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