The Axiory CopyTrade App Will Unite Traders of All Levels Through a Variety of Perks and Benefits

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Global fintech leader Axiory has launched a brand new FCA regulated social trading app widening its offering. The Axiory CopyTrade app invites traders of all levels to save hours of work and research, and copy successful strategies, or become master traders and build a global following.

“The Axiory CopyTrade app has been a part of our strategy since 2020. We wanted to make trading even more accessible, and what better way to get into trading than to mimic the strategies of already established traders?” said Marketing Director Dominic Poynter. “This is a chance for traders to expand their trading horizon and portfolio with the guidance of professionals and simultaneously take advantage of this environment to learn about strategies and the dos and don’ts of trading.”

The CopyTrade app features hundreds of ‘Master Traders’ whose transparently displayed records showcase their return and loss percentage. Traders on the app can follow the strategies and mimic them into their own accounts. This way any trader can get the percentage return of successful traders from across the globe.

The app allows users to control their positions even as they ‘copy’ by setting their budget, size, adding risk management tools, and closing the position when they deem necessary. This way, professional traders can use the app to skip hours of research, while new traders can use the app to copy strategies and learn more about trading. Alternatively, they can join the platform as master traders and use their proven results to grow their following, within and outside of the app.

Axiory CopyTrade can be downloaded on all iOS and Android devices and traded on Axiory’s Max account.

“We aim to be as inclusive as possible, offering a variety of products and services. Not only does this cater to the needs of a wider audience, but it also allows every individual trader to expand their opportunities and dip into different markets through different platforms,” said Poynter.

2021 has been a remarkable year for Axiory, marking its 10th anniversary. Since January, Axiory has rebranded with a new website, expanded into investment products, introduced the MT5 platform, won multiple global awards, and ran a massively successful 50% bonus campaign, which will keep running into the first quarter of 2022.

About Axiory

The Axiory brand was established in 2011 and has been serving traders across the globe since 2012. Axiory offers a savvy, friendly, and intuitive space for accessing CFDs and exchange-listed products, where clients’ needs always come first. Axiory traders are privileged to excellent trading conditions, unique risk management tools, tier-1 liquidity, and the constant support of an international, award-winning team.

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