Top Dutch Football club, PSV, accepts a sponsorship deal in Bitcoin

 Top Dutch Football club, PSV, accepts a sponsorship deal in Bitcoin

Top Dutch Football club, PSV, accepts a sponsorship deal in Bitcoin.

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As more clubs integrate crypto into their everyday operations, the football ecosystem has stepped up its adoption game.

In a new partnership, PSV Eindhoven will receive an undisclosed amount of bitcoin from local crypto trading platform Anycoin Direct.

The official statement reveals that Anycoin Direct will remain a partner of PSV Eindhoven for two more seasons with a goal to spread awareness about cryptocurrency throughout Europe.

It will be the first major football team in the European Union to receive sponsorship payments in Bitcoin through the services of a crypto platform.

After the sponsorship deal was signed, PSV Eindhoven’s commercial director Frans Janssen is said to have set up Bitcoin wallets for accepting sponsorships.

A digital version of the 1988 European Cup Final, which PSV had won against Benfica earlier this year, was auctioned off earlier this year in April by PSV in order to experiment with nonfungible tokens (NFT). Moreover, Hans van Breukelen, the goalkeeper on the championship team, signed the official certificate for the NFT so as to signify the importance of the win for the club.

Soccer clubs are choosing fan tokens as their primary usage case as crypto offers so many options. Arsenal and Manchester City are two of the federations that have recently taken part in this experiment, in partnership with Socios, a fan engagement platform.

AFC fan token is an attempt by Arsenal to ensure improved fan engagement and involvement in club decisions through an online polling system. Additionally, Manchester City’s CITY fan token will allow fans to vote on club decisions, promotions, and rewards. Socios’ Chiliz blockchain is powering both the fan tokens.

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