NFTs on Solana blockchain

 NFTs on Solana blockchain

NFTs on Solana blockchain.

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Solana’s blockchain has finally caught up with NFT. Solana NFTs have become a popular choice among social media users in such a short period of time. The crypto-sphere is dominated by people with Solana NFTs on their profiles. It is no surprise that the prices of NFTs continue to rise with the fast-growing adoption.

In most NFTs, you can use an avatar as your cover photo. In Solana, these NFT are priced in SOL, the native currency, and can range from as high as 900000 SOL to as low as 5 SOL, the price floor of which keeps rising.

One of the many popular NFTs embedded in the Solana Blockchain is Kreechures. Other popular NFTs include Degen Ape, Lobster Shark, Pixel Dude, Solarians, and many others.

Solanart is another marketplace that provides users with access to trade digital assets and NFTs from various collections, much like FTX.

The NFT collections on Solanart at the moment include: ApeShit Social Club, SolPunks, SSBxSolPunks and Bold Badgers

Widely famous for how expensive a few of them are, SolPunks are Punk NFTs on the Solana blockchain. There are only 10,000 of these tokens and each of them have attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system. 

The artists and developers built SolPunks to keep tokens non-exclusive. No first come first serve, no special requests, no reservations, just a healthy pool of limited unique tokens waiting to be bought. 

SolPunk is a prepaid credit card integrated into the buyer’s wallet. SOL tokens can be resold for NFTs. With SOL tokens, NFTs can be purchased and stored on Solana’s blockchain. 

It is possible to own an unlimited number of NFTs at any given time, but the moment the collection becomes exhausted, it will become very difficult, if not impossible, to purchase at mint cost. 

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