Most trending jobs in the crypto market

 Most trending jobs in the crypto market

Most trending jobs in the crypto market.

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According to a recent analysis, cryptocurrency has leapt over the last few months especially after the meteoric surge in the price of bitcoin back in December 2017. The crypto market is just over a decade old and has already printed wealth at alarming levels.

The Crypto market is expected to reach about $5.2 trillion by 2026, as top market players that include Coinbase, FTX, Ripple Labs gain more clout in the ever changing crypto-verse.

Blockchain creators are riding the tailwinds of a global crypto-industry that is now valued at about $2 trillion.

Data retrieved from analyst insights, revealed job listings that were crypto related rose by about 194% over the years from 2017-2021. These are some of the most trending jobs in the crypto-verse.

Web developing:  Blockchain web developers are assigned with writing, maintaining code often in the form of smart contracts: computer strategies that allow people to make transactions without preferring a third party (like a financial institution). Examples are the blockchain software developers and the core blockchain developers

Technical writing: Companies that create new types of cryptocurrency often write a technical white paper to attract investors, often 20–50 pages long or even more, describing the company’s development and marketing plan for their technology.

Financial analysis: companies such as hedge funds and insurance agencies, as well as private investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency. A typical day involves recommending investments, developing investment strategies (like the best time to buy and sell), evaluating risks, and maintaining investment portfolios.

Marketing analysis: For cryptocurrency to continue to succeed, would-be users and investors need to know it exists—and how it works. Marketing managers estimate the demand for crypto assets and blockchain and compare values.

They identify potential users, monitor tendencies, and develop strategies to help people maximize their profits and demand share.

While the crypto market is still in its infancy, its rapid progression has clearly printed a significant number of jobs despite the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic that has negatively disrupted the global economy.

Olumide Adesina

Olumide Adesina a France-born Nigerian, a Certified Investment Trader, with more than a decade of working expertise in Investment and Trading. He is also a reputable author and writer for CoinDesk and FxEmpire.

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