How to survive the Crypto market when Bears come to play

 How to survive the Crypto market when Bears come to play

How to survive the crypto market when bears come to play.

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The Crypto market has attracted so many investors on its volatile price actions that often come into play, as such traders can earn profits as long as the markets remain volatile regardless of its direction.

Some Crypto analysts point the bull market is gradually coming to an end and the bear market might set in as recent data reveal most of these crypto-assets have breached record highs coupled with tilting towards an overbought position.

This has left people thinking about how to exit the market without being liquidated without prior knowledge, as recent data reveal investors suffered heavy losses about a week ago when the flagship Crypto breached below $50,000 price levels on the FTX exchange.

hundreds of billions of dollars were virtually wiped off in value on the 23rd of April as the crypto market lost about $300 billion, pointing those traders and investors need proper understanding adapting to the fast-changing financial asset class.

Brush up on your Technical Analysis

In the bear market, investors are expected to be extremely meticulous by doing their homework well.

The benefits of Technical Analysis (TA) cannot be over-emphasized as no trader in their right mind would consider margin or futures trading without a basic understanding of it.

A beginner can start with the basics such as Support and Resistance, Under Chart Patterns, moving averages, and RSI, and then move on to Ichimoku, Elliot waves, and all the rest.

Most beginners don’t have the luxury of getting the large screen Trading view monitors, and it’s unlikely they’ll have the time and skill to become professionals at TA.

Getting a grasp of the basics will help choose excellent timing for entries and exits, however, and when the markets turn bullish, one will stand a better chance of selling near the top of the new uptrend.

In this season, it is also expedient to scalp your way to profit. Scalping is just like frequent buying and selling.

Some people also refer to this as swing trading, as trading frequently often comes with added risks.

Give Margin Trading a chance

Margin trading is futures on another level. Margin trading involves trading crypto assets using funds borrowed from a third party – usually the exchange you’re trading on.

Margin trading permits investors in accessing greater pools of funds in order to leverage their positions.

When a margin trade commences action, the crypto investor is e required to carry out a percentage of the total order value. Such initial funds deposited is referred to as the margin.

Margin trading is ideal for taking either bullish or bearish positions A bullish/long position reflects an assumption that the price of the asset will go up, while a bearish/short position indicates a bearish movement.

While the margin position is open, the trader’s assets are used as collateral for the borrowed funds.

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