Tanzanian farmers guarantee a secure tobacco market

 Tanzanian farmers guarantee a secure tobacco market

Tanzanian farmers guarantee a secure tobacco market.

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The government has said it will continue to make various efforts to attract investors from various companies to buy their tobacco products produced in various regions of the country.

Tobacco is one of the main commercial crops in the country, produced in various areas including the districts of Tabora, Kagera, Kigoma, Shinyanga, Iringa, Mbeya, Singida, Rukwa, Urambo, Kahama, Chunya, Kasulu, Ushetu, Manyoni, Nzega, Namtumbo, Songea, Kaliua, Sikonge, Uyui and Serengeti.

Speaking to the management of TLTC Tobacco Company, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Hussein Bashe said the Government is making various efforts to address the commercial challenges in the investment of tobacco products.

“The government is improving the friendly and conducive environment for the investment of tobacco products in the country so that the agriculture is productive for farmers and investors including the guarantee of crop markets.”

Commenting on the matter, the Director of TLTC Investment Company Gharib Tylor thanked the Government of Tanzania for continuing to work with the Company while promising to cooperate with the government in the field of tobacco products.

Unlike the company, other investment companies have increased the purchase of tobacco from 47,000 tons to 67,000 tons per year.

The General Manager Tabora’s Tobacco Agricultural Cooperative Association Samweli Jokea WETCU said tobacco production is based on an agreement reached between the farmer and the buyer at a specific price.

“Due to market challenges, the number of farmers can reach 20 million kg where the market currently receives a population of 15 million kg which affects farmers not reaching the target due to small orders.”

Smallholder farmers with an area of between one and five acres grow tobacco crop, there are three types of tobacco grown in the country, smoke-drying tobacco, steam-dried tobacco and sun-dried tobacco.

Tanzania grows large quantities of steam-dried tobacco (Flue Cured Tobacco) and Dark Fire Cured Tobacco in the 2019/20 agricultural season estimated Alliance One Tobacco Tanzania Limited, Japan Tobacco International Leaf Services and Premium Active Tanzania Limited released a total of 42,225,985 kilograms of tobacco production.

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