Tanzania Welcomes Ruby Investors

 Tanzania Welcomes Ruby Investors

Tanzania Welcomes Ruby Investors.

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Ruby minerals are found in various parts of Tanzania as well as in large quantities in Longido district Arusha region are also found in Tanga region, and Dodoma region.

It is due to the high presence of these high-quality minerals, Arusha Regional Acting Mining Officer Aidan Mhando has urged mining investors to invest in ruby  mining in Mundarara area in Longido District, Arusha Region.

In an exclusive interview with a team of journalists from the Ministry of Mines, the Mining Commission and the Office of the Chief Government Spokesperson on a visit to the Mundarara rubble mines aimed at organizing a special session highlighting how mining and mining activities of Mundarara.

“There has been an increase in investors in mining and small-scale ruby mining business which has accelerated the growth of the small town of Mundarara including the expansion of economic activities such as hotels, transport, livestock and the improvement of social services such as roads, water and school construction ” Mhando.

Speaking on behalf of the businessmen, Mundarara County Chairman Christopher Oleipima said investment in the area has benefited many people, and called on the government to continue encouraging other investors to invest in ruby mining in the area to accelerate development.

Mundarara County Councilor Alasi Reuben added that the presence of ruby mining activities has led to interaction with people from other areas and increased cash flow.

The government has continued to make various efforts to ensure it strengthens the mining industry in the country where the National Mining Corporation (STAMICO) recently launched modern vehicles and machinery to enhance mining and mining activities.

The abundant minerals found in Mundarara mines are world-renowned for their diversity with ruby minerals found elsewhere.

Mining trade figures for Arusha Region for the year 2018/19 show that minerals worth 21,074,505,883.43 TZS were sold and the royalty acquired is 764,385,283.88 TZS and Inspection Fee 208,653,073.56 TZS.

These figures show that the revenue collected from the mining business in Arusha Region is 40% of the total revenue in the mining sector in Arusha region.

Yussuph Hans

My name is Yussuph Hans, a holder of Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication attained at University of Dodoma (UDOM) Currently working with Dodoma FM Radio located in Dodoma region as a journalist and Presenter.

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