Tanzania To Reform Cashew Farming

 Tanzania To Reform Cashew Farming

Tanzania To Reform Cashew Farming.

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Minister of Agriculture Prof Adolf Mkenda said this in Mtwara City while addressing cashew nut processing stakeholders at a consultative session and creating a trend to bring 60% cashew nuts to be cracked in Tanzania to find a large market in and out of the country.

He said the current strategy by 2025 to reach 100 percent where currently only 10 percent of cashew nuts are cracked in the country and the quality has increased with better taste while the need for a large foreign market.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, he said there is a capital challenge for farmers (100) that the factory has the capacity to process 10 tons per day which means per month is 300 tons so to work all year round it needs more than 3,600 tons.

He noted that there are policy challenges that have begun to be worked out in collaboration with various financial institutions to crack cashew nuts in large quantities.

Acting Director of the Cashew Board Francis Alfred said one of the efforts they have made is to increase production as well as the processing rate where raw cashews are sold in large in China and India while processed cashews are sold in various parts of the world.

“Tanzanian cashews are good with good taste, white color and its size is large so that’s why we find markets in many places while our goal now is to increase the level of production and processing” said Francis Alfred.

At the end of August 2021, the government announced the official opening of the 2021/2022 cashew season with production expectations exceeding 280,000 tonnes from the 210,000 tonnes produced in the 2020/2021 season.

In addition, the government has exported all the raw cashews from the southern regions, including Lindi, Mtwara and Ruvuma to foreign markets through the port of Mtwara.

The port of Tanzania in collaboration with stakeholders has already completed preparations to facilitate the transportation of cashew nuts from the regions.

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