SADC to contribute 10 million Euros in solidarity support of Mozambique anti-terrorism fight

 SADC to contribute 10 million Euros in solidarity support of Mozambique anti-terrorism fight

SADC to contribute 10 million Euros in solidarity support of Mozambique anti-terrorism fight.

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A budget of 10 million euros (USD12 million) for the deployment of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) standby military force in support to help defeat Islamic terrorists, has been announced by the head of Angolan diplomacy.

Ten million euros is the global amount that should be made available by the members of Sadc in order to commence the deployment of the joint regional force to assist Mozambique in the war against terrorism.

The Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs Tete Antonio, who last month attended a virtual meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Sadc, stated at the end of the meeting that it was held as part of the fulfilment of a decision of the Maputo summit.

The Angolan minister also stated that the Council of Ministers, made up of foreign ministers, is said to have been tasked with working on the budget of the force that should be operated to support Mozambique.

Last month during the meeting, the ministers of foreign affairs of the Sadc said that by the 9th of July this year 2021, all member countries of the organization should have sent in their contributions and with relevance to that, the Angolan minister also added that if there is deficit of contributions and is necessary do so, they will resort to the organisations reserve funds in order to allow no delays in the fulfilment of the mission.

He also added that the organisations reserve fund needs to be quickly reimbursed has the situation may escalate and there will be a need to resort again to the organisation’s reserve.

The head of Angolan diplomacy emphasized how serious the threat is as it is a matter of survival for the region and that all members have to respond promptly to the threat.

As he spoke, he mentioned that over the next few days technical meetings of specialised sectors, particularly defence and security, are scheduled to scrutinise practical matters.

It does remain unclear how many troops in total will be deployed to Mozambique to help fight against terrorism, however, if all goes well it will be a great start for Mozambique to be able to boost its economy in all sectors as it will not only be safer for the citizens, but also for tourists, investors and the likes. 

Sadc equally approved Regional Strategy and Action Plan to prevent and Combat Illicit Firearms, Ammunition, and other Related Materials in the Region, Standard Operating Procedures on the implementation of the amended SADC Protocol on the Control of Firearms, Ammunition and other Related Materials, and Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Transnational Organised Crime.

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