Rwanda Tech to reduce the country’s import bill

 Rwanda Tech to reduce the country’s import bill

Rwanda Tech to reduce the country’s import bill.

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Two young entrepreneurs and also the founders of Kwaanda lab, a company they started with just Rwf 5000 in 2018 with the goal to create wireless electricity for all technology and electrical devices, after they had noticed how Rwandans experience issues relating to short circuits and electrical shocks when charging electric devices.

One of the founders of Kwaanda labs Israel Nishimwe, stated that the main objective of the company is to greatly reduce importation of technology from foreign companies and to instead, create and promote technology made in Rwanda.

The company supplies home appliances for electric devices wirelessly, by making a table that they embed with that technology on the table or any other home asset.

As highlighted by the other co-founder of Kwaanda Labs, James Ndekezi, they make devices that transfer wireless power between two objects through electromagnetic induction where the transmitter transmits wireless electricity and the receiver receives it.

The founders of Kwaanda labs said that the wireless electric power transfer chargers produce electricity in a faster, easier, affordable and eco-friendly way.

Kwaanda Labs has experienced growth and now has several branches in different suburbs of Kigali. Wireless chargers are sold for not more than seven dollars and the transmitter costs five dollars whereas the receiver costs less than two dollars.

It is alleged that every month, the company registers about sixty clients.

The founders of the company also encourages the young to not sit and do nothing but to utilise they time, resources and knowledge to enrol themselves into technological projects that will solve several issues.

Kwaanda Lab’s initiatives and products will very much benefit Rwanda’s economy as exportation of technology from foreign companies will be reduced hence preserving government revenue.

African nations should venture and invest in initiatives that promote production of technology on the African continent. Africa as a whole is quite backward in terms of technological advancements even though most of the materials used in making technology are extracted from African mines, but with the right minds and support Africa can utilise its resources to create African made technology.

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