Namibia and EU push for stronger trade ties

 Namibia and EU push for stronger trade ties

Namibia and EU push for stronger trade ties.

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Namibia is pushing to increase trade relations with the European Union bloc in future following a sharp increase in exports and imports between the two parties, a senior government official has said.

Executive Director in the Namibian Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation Penda Nanda his country continues to enjoy excellent relations with the EU, in the areas of trade, investment, and tourism and development cooperation, amongst others.

“The EU market remains an important market for Namibian exports. In 2019, Namibia exported goods valued at over EURO 1.1 billion (N$ 19 billion). Export products ranged from agricultural products to fisheries as well as mining commodities,” he SAID.

Ambassador Naanda said so far, European exports to Namibia were valued at over EURO 425 million (N$ 7.2 billion), which speaks to the mutually beneficial outcome in trading relations between the EU and Namibia.

Among many of the cooperation agreements driven by the EU is the cooperation between Germany and Namibia in the area of vocational training which has been credited for opening new opportunities for young Namibians seeking training, employment and a good income.

Commenting on the relations between the two parties EU Ambassador to Namibia Sinika Antila said they enjoy cordial and strong relations with Namibia and made a passionate plea for the two partners to continue efforts in cementing their partnership to cover areas of mutual interest.

Her remarks also coincided with the celebration of Europe Day which commemorates the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950, calling on the nations of Europe to unify and make war in the continent no more possible.

“Namibia and European Union are long-term partners, we believe in rule-based world order and multilateral approach for resolving global challenges,” she said

Europe Day also calls for long-lasting peace, collaboration and collective efforts towards a better future.

“The vision of partnership has since been extended to other nations, such as Namibia, with the common goal of providing support and sharing best practices that are key for inclusive development and shared prosperity. Hosted under the banner “Stronger Together,” the event celebrated the strong relationship between the Republic of Namibia and the EU, showcasing EU’s involvement through various projects in Namibia and enabled the Namibian community to engage with the EU and its 5 Member States represented here in Namibia (Finland, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain),” she said.

The EU top diplomat also lauded Namibia for being a torchbearer in the area of press freedom in Africa and the world as well as the country’s push to improve technological advancement in the economy.


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