If you invested R10 000 in Anglo American PLC in 1999, how much would you have today?

 If you invested R10 000 in Anglo American PLC in 1999, how much would you have today?

If you invested R10 000 in Anglo American PLC in 1999, how much would you have today?

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Anglo American PLC along with its subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associates, is an industry and global leader in both the mining and natural resources sectors today. Anglo American has significant, focused interests in platinum, gold, diamonds, coal, base, and ferrous metals, industrial minerals, forest products as well as technological and financial strength.

Anglo American traces its rich and dynamic history back to 1917 when it was founded by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer as Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa (AAC). While its evolution spans across decades, major changes occurred in 1998 with the announcement of significant reorganisation which would result in the change of the company name and relocation of headquarters to London, United Kingdom.

AAC held 43% of Minorco at the time, which was sold for $2.3 billion (33 billion ZAR) and in 1998, before listing on the London Stock Exchange, Anglo American had a market capitalisation of 122 billion ZAR which was enough for it to be included in the FTSE 100 index. Anglo American PLC was incorporated in May 1999 where it started trading its shares on the London Stock Exchange with secondary listings on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and Swiss Exchange SWX.

If you invested R10 000 in Anglo American PLC shares in 1999, how much would they be worth today?

If you purchased Anglo American (AGL) shares in May 1999 when they were listed, you would have paid 149 ZAR per share. If you invested R10 000, you would have been able to buy 67 shares. AGL shares currently trade at a price of R655, which means that your R10 000 initial investment would be worth R43,885 today. If you had invested R10 000 in May 1999, your investment would have grown by a total of 339% in the past 22 years.

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