Graphite Tanzania project to begin production in 2022

 Graphite Tanzania project to begin production in 2022

Graphite Tanzania project to begin production in 2022.

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Graphite minerals have been discovered in large quantities in Mauritius and Mozambique, as well as in Tanga, Arusha, Ruvuma, Lindi and Morogoro regions in Tanzania.

In addition to the three African countries, the mineral market is exported to Germany, Japan, China and the United States.

Researchers at the mineral have said it is the most needed mineral in the world due to the use of various materials including batteries, laptop batteries and pencils, so the government said the production of graphite will officially start next year after the results of a study conducted in Ruangwa district in Lindi region, where Tanzania expects to earn US $ 1,000 per ton to $ 1,800 per ton of Graphite minerals.

Graphite is a major resource in the mining industry, used in the manufacture of cars spare parts, also used as a source of fuel instead of petrol or diesel.

Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Kassim Majaliwa said Lindi Jumbo Limited, a company researched and decided to invest in Graphite mining in Lindi Region in Ruangwa District, expects to officially start production in August, 2022, and it will be the first major project for production in the country, a project that will provide various economic and development opportunities.

“The Graphite Central Mine, owned by Lindi Jumbo Ltd, will provide at least 200 jobs during the construction period, and will be mined and sold with the world’s best Graphite minerals.

Tanzania is  very rich in minerals such as gold, diamond, iron, coal, nickel, tanzanite, uranium and natural gas. Recently natural offshore gas deposits have been discovered.

Deputy Minister of Mines, Prof. Shukrani Manya commended CRDB Bank for investing heavily in major projects, especially in the Mining Sector.

He said, CRDB is the first bank to make money where they will get big profits through the project.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Energy and Minerals Dustan Kitandula while speaking at the Committee Members’ Seminar on August 23, 2021, in Dodoma, commended local banks for starting to provide loans to miners including major projects in the Mining Sector and asked them to look how they can partner with foreign banks to enable investors in the mining sector to obtain loans that will enable the establishment of major projects.

The Sixth Phase Government encourages investment by creating a friendly environment so that any investor in the country can reap the benefits of the investment he has made, while the ministry continues its efforts to advertise various investment opportunities in the Mining and Foreign Mining Sector.

Tanzania is endowed with many natural resources and investment opportunities. The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has simplified investment regulations in order to attract investors from around the world. Investment in Tanzania is overseen by the Tanzania Investments Centre (TIC), a one-stop primary Government agency responsible for all investment matters.

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