Fish Farming Adds Industrial Raw Materials

 Fish Farming Adds Industrial Raw Materials

Fish Farming Adds Industrial Raw Materials.

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The government has said investment in fish farming will help increase raw materials in the fish processing industry as well as establish new industries.

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Hon. Mashimba Ndaki recently visited a fish farm owned by Tanlapia Company located in Bagamoyo District in Coast Region, where he said Tanzania has a few small factories and some are producing below standards due to lack of raw materials.

“Now such production will help industries to have raw materials especially in the maritime zone which has few fish processing industries and we still want this production to continue to produce industries that are already established in the marine zone and export fish products.”___Hon Ndaki.

He added that the government will continue to ensure that it develops investors in the country to achieve the objectives of large fish production through fish farming as well as encourage them to invest more productively in the nation through food and employment in the country.

The Tanlapia Farm which in this Phase Project hopes to have 48 fish ponds, becoming a class farm for people from different parts of the country to learn how to farm fish commercially.

Director of the Department of Aquaculture from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Dr. Nazael Madala, said the technology used in fish farming in the Tanlapia farm can breed more fish as it has a system to purify the water and be able to farm more fish at the same time and open the opportunity to raise more fish in a small area.

He added that Tanzania is the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to use the technology and that many Tanzanians can learn from increasing fish productivity in ponds.

Commenting on the issue, fish farmers have said that it has been an incentive to invest in more fish production due to climate change leading to water and fish degradation.

Tanzania, recognising the role of the fishing industry in boosting the national economy, helps the government to better manage the industry and also farmers to be able to provide fish for stew and trade where the government’s goal is to produce more fish by 2025 and reach the same level of fish harvested through natural water.

Yussuph Hans

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