DRC optimistic as it finalises $1.52 billion economic rescue package with IMF

 DRC optimistic as it finalises $1.52 billion economic rescue package with IMF

DRC optimistic as it finalises $1.52 billion economic rescue package with IMF.

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The Democratic Republic of Congo finalised a new economic programme with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), of which for over nine years the country did not receive any significant foreign economic support.

The US$1.52 billion package exhibits a change of course welcomed by the Prime Minister of DRC, Jean Michel Sama Lukonde Kyenge, who since 26 April 2021 has been the head of the new government in place.

Sama Lukonde is very optimistic about DRC’s future as he expressed great joy for finalising the programme and the commitment made with the IMF on the 15th of July this year.

Indications for a great economic switch can be noticed in the composition of the new 56 member government and can also be seen in the introduction of the first Digital Minister, Desire Cashmir Kolongele Eberande.

Reason for the new ministry’s formation is to strengthen a strategy centred on digital development and its objectives includes population census, mastering of the country’s figures and statics and to boost the economy as a whole.

The Prime Minister’s office visualized major projects that emphasize on improving the country’s security, health and education system but mostly encouraging local and foreign investors to contribute to what the Minister referred to as a new chapter in Congolese history.

He mentioned how the economy greatly depends on the mining sector and how they desire to see other sectors of the economy open up especially agriculture as the sector has great potential due to the availability of more than 80 million hectares arable land and only 10% is currently being used.

According to the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANAPI), even though coffee, cocoa, palm oil and rubber have already been industrialised, the cultivation of maize, manioc, soya or rice shows an industry full of potential for industrial improvement.

The Prime Minister includes this to be an opportunity to boost the country’s international influence and he stated that they have a promotion agency, ANAPI, which is now operational with a public website where individuals can access sufficient information before arriving in the country as they will get in touch with the agency that will take care of all the facilitation in any field they are planning to invest in.

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