What to expect from NFP?

What to expect from NFP?

The unemployment rate will be under the spotlight today as the Fed gears up to start tapering, expectations are that the Fed is set to announce tapering in November with a likely implementation in the first quarter of 2022.

ADP figures came out very positive during the week exceeding expectations with an additional 143 000 jobs created, significantly private sector job creations perform exceptionally considering during job creations has stalled over the last two months as ADP could not outperform the forecast.

The daily COVID-19 cases have declined substantially over the last month as the daily infections declined from 190 000 to just under 100 000 over the last month, showing signs that there could be a lot more substantial employment growth on the horizon. The JOLTS job openings rose by almost a million new job openings that were created over the past month.

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