Top 5 news stories of the week

 Top 5 news stories of the week

Top 5 stories of the week.

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Eskom recoups funds from the international companies involved in State Capture

In an agreement which serves as a substantial milestone in the fight against corruption and state capture, R1.56 billion has been recovered from ABB South Africa back to Eskom, with the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) expressing its joy about the recovery. Click here to read more.

Tongaat-Hulett turnaround strategy

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world has wreaked havoc on numerous businesses. Tongaat-Hulett, an agriculture and agri-processing company, is no exception to this. Although the impact that the pandemic had on sugar operations may have been limited, it still added a substantial amount of uncertainty in operations during the second half of the year. Click here to read more.

Was the construction industry’s activity underestimated

It is believed by economists that South Africa may be on the verge of another economic growth phase, led by the construction industry. Roelof Botha, well-known economist, says that he does not have any doubt that the level of construction activity has been hugely underestimated by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). Click here to read more.

How the tobacco ban was both unconstitutional and invalid

For a greater part of the nationwide lockdown, the sale of tobacco products was prohibited until level 2, apart from exports. This included e-cigarettes and related products. The ban left the tobacco industry reeling. Click here to read more.

Load-shedding in South Africa in retrospect

The term ‘load shedding’ first made its appearance in the lexicon of South Africa in 2007. At the time, Eskom, the national electricity utility in the country, first admitted that it was unable to fulfil the supply of power to the entire country. As result of that, Eskom announced the need for a blackout schedule to ease strain on the power grid and prevent it from collapsing entirely.Click here to read more.

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