Tesla in review

 Tesla in review

Tesla in review.

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Company overview

Tesla was founded in 2003 and is based in Palo Alto, California. Previously known as Tesla Motors, the company changed its name to Tesla Inc in 2017. Tesla trades its shares on Nasdaq under the stock symbol TSLA and is involved in the design, development, manufacture, lease and sale of electric vehicles. Tesla also specialises in energy generation and storage systems across the US, in China, the Netherlands, Norway and other international jurisdictions across the globe. There are two main segments in which Tesla operates, namely Automotive and Energy Generation and Storage. Tesla offers sedans and sport utility vehicles through its Automotive section, electric powertrain components and systems, and services for electric vehicles. The Energy Generation and Storage segment specialises in offering energy storage products, including rechargeable lithium-ion battery systems used in homes, industrial and commercial facilities, utility grids and an array of other products and services.


The trailing 12 month (TTM) financial performance for Tesla indicates revenues of $28 176 00 along with gross profit of $22 221 000 and operating income of $1 766 000. The current EBIT is $1 621 000 and EBITDA is $3 903 000.

Share performance YTD

When viewing TSLA stocks holistically over the past year, it is clear to see that share prices have increased substantially in the second half of the year; from $70,97 on November 22 last year to a current average of $489,61.

This increase started from a price of $197,20 on June 25. TSLA stock prices peaked to an all-time high of $498,32 on August 31, after which it had a few sharp declines in September and October. Despite these sharp decreases, the performance of TSLA stocks has been substantial, and the performance outlook for TSLA stocks is positive in both the short- and long-term.

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