News update: Transnet, Covid-19, and more

 News update: Transnet, Covid-19, and more

News update: Transnet, Covid-19, and more

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Namibia awaiting arrival of Covid-19 vaccine

Namibia is eagerly awaiting the arrival of its first Covid-19 vaccine delivery. A technical team has been appointed, responsible for arranging any logistical requirements involved with the importing of the vaccine. The vaccine candidate must be stored at extremely cold conditions, making it difficult for developing countries who do not possess the infrastructure needed, to ensure this.

South Africa hits record 7,999 Covid-19 cases

South Africa has reached a record 7,999 new confirmed cases within the past 24-hours. The cumulative number of infections have subsequently increased to 860,964. The death toll is currently 23,276 with 761,011recoveries.

California has joined 11 other states in the Google lawsuit

Google is now facing lawsuits from 11 states for abusing its market dominance, after California joined other states in filing a lawsuit, according to a Californian top prosecutor. Both consumers and small businesses have extraordinarily little choice where search engines are concerned, all attributable to the market dominance that Google has, says Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Asian stocks trade higher on prolonged Brexit talks

Stocks in the Asia-Pacific region traded substantially higher following the news that the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) will continue negotiations on a trade deal. Reports show that new issues have emerged resulting in an unassured agreement. Nikkei rose 0.53% with the Hang Seng slipping 0.15% and the S&P/ASX 200 seeing a 0.75% gain.

Transnet faces a half-year loss of 3 billion ZAR due to Covid-19

Due to the economic impact of Covid-19 on all industries, Transnet has experienced a first half-year loss of 3 billion ZAR. As the largest freight, rail and ports company in Africa, Transnet experienced substantial negative impacts due to the pandemic, along with strict government-imposed lockdown measures in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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