News update: New lockdown regulations cause havoc, and more

 News update: New lockdown regulations cause havoc, and more

News update.

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New lockdown regulations a heavy blow for tourism and hospitality industries

SA’s tourism industry has faced some of the most difficult challenges this year due to an extensive hard lockdown followed by adjusted regulations to curb the spread of the virus in the second wave of the pandemic. Recovery has been slow and according to an industry leader, it will be near impossible for tourism to recover to adequate levels should the number of Covid-19 cases remain high. Many businesses in the hospitality industry may feel the need to halt trading or reduce their workforce due to these new restrictions.

These industries have barely started picking up again. The newest lockdown regulations have placed them in a delicate balance, where the scales could tip either way at any given moment. Tourism in general, especially local, is greatly affected by the closure of beaches, extended curfews and earlier closing times for establishments. As much as these industries want to boost their sales, it is imperative to cooperate to keep infection figures down, which could lead to a halt in trading.

Sun International to review lockdown regulations

Hotel, resort and casino giant, Sun International, has stated that all hotels and casinos would adhere to both the extended curfew and additional restrictions placed on the sale of alcohol. However, the group also added that it would need to review the new regulations to gain better insight into the broader impact on both current and future business levels. Impacts are expected, but Sun International remains confident that the embedded Covid-19 health protocols will reduce the risk of transmission at all facilities, allowing guests and customers the service and experience that they expect.

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