News affecting your trades: Trump v Biden and more

 News affecting your trades: Trump v Biden and more

News affecting your trades

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In a market where there is constant movement, it is imperative to stay up to date with the latest news that may affect your trades, whether in a positive or negative way. There are numerous current factors that may shift markets in either an upward or downward trend, and some of these headlines may provide some insight as to why.

Trump versus Biden regarding economies and markets

With the elections around the corner on November 3, eyes are constantly on the news and how debates between White House Republican, Donald Trump, and the Democratic nominee and former vice president, Joe Biden, unfold in a race to gain voters’ confidence. With continued debates, the election and the outcome thereof in November, the United States economy could take various different tracks. The US dollar and the financial markets are bound to reflect the impact despite the direction in which the elections may proceed.

The poor performance shown by the Australian dollar (AUD)

In the past week, the AUD was the worst performing major currency as result of response to an increasingly pacifist rhetoric experienced from the Reserve Bank of Australia. There have been numerous reports that China has suspended coal imports from Australia, which has subsequently contributed greatly to the weakened sate of the AUD against safe haven currencies such as the Japanese yen and the US dollar.

Pound sterling volatility and the Brexit negotiations

There have been recent Brexit developments that have highlighted substantial differences between the United Kingdom and the European Union as far as trade is concerned. These negotiations and subsequent differences may result in talks that could rekindle no- deal Brexit with key deadlines moving swiftly closer. These macro-drivers are likely to persist in the coming week, and may continue the heavy influence that they have on market sentiment.

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