News affecting your trades: Dow Jones, Bitcoin, and more

 News affecting your trades: Dow Jones, Bitcoin, and more

News affecting your trades.

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Dow Jones up more than 550 points

The US stock market continued its rally with the Dow Jones seeing an increase of 2%, or more than 550 points. Large orders were received for manufactured durable goods, which resulted in a rise of 1,1% in September, compared to prior months.

US stock indexes open in the green with presidential elections in the background

Some US stock indexes opened favourably as the presidential elections continued into the final hours. The Dow Jones jumped up 1,19% at the opening, with Walgreens Boots Alliance seeing a rise of 2,95%. NASDAQ saw an increase of 0,64% and the S&P 500 increased by 1,01%.

Ant Group listing suspended by regional regulators

The Ant Group’s listing process at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was suspended by the regional regulators, due to the company failing to meet listing qualifications or disclosure requirements. This follows a regulatory interview with the ultimate controller, the executive chairman and the chief executive officer, and stemmed from the changes made in the fintech regulatory environment.

Bitcoin mining difficulty records its largest percentage fall

The Bitcoin mining difficulty decreased by 16% which offers miners substantial chances for profitability. The difficulty plunged to 16 787 trill, the lowest difficulty recorded since June. As a result of the price on Bitcoin increasing during the last few months, and a strong decline in the amount of computational power necessary to mine Bitcoin, profit margins for efficient miners are expected to widen.

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