News affecting your trades: Covid-19 vaccine, Facebook, Google, and more

 News affecting your trades: Covid-19 vaccine, Facebook, Google, and more

News affecting your trades.

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Moderna to request EUA after vaccine proves 94% effective

After its vaccine candidate showed 94,1% effectiveness, Moderna is set to ask regulators in the US and Europe for an emergency use authorisation (EUA). Following the initial breakthrough, Stephane Bancel, Chief Executive, said the positive primary analysis conducted had confirmed the vaccine’s ability to prevent Covid-19 at 94,1%. According to Bancel, the vaccine also has the ability of preventing severe Covid-19 diseases. It is believed that the vaccine will prove both a new and powerful tool in the fight against Covid-19. It may also change the course of the pandemic and further help to prevent hospitalisations and death as result of the disease.

Facebook and Google to face antitrust lawsuits

US Federal and state authorities are preparing to file new antitrust lawsuits against both Facebook and Google, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. As stated in the report, officials are investigating Facebook to identify whether it abused its power in social media. In addition, investigations against Google are aimed at identifying whether it abused the position it has to dominate both searching and advertising. Should evidence be found of this, four lawsuits in total will be filed against the tech giants by the end of January 2021.

Mixed US stocks, Nasdaq gains

The major stock indexes in the US experienced mixed trading following the news of Moderna’s plans to seek an EUA from the US and the EU. The Dow Jones saw a decrease of around 0,52%, while the S&P sank by 0,25% and Nasdaq jumped by 0,15%.

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