News affecting your trades: Bitcoin, lockdowns and more

 News affecting your trades: Bitcoin, lockdowns and more

News affecting your trades bitcoin, lockdowns and more

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Bitcoin price momentarily soars to $12 000

This comes as the result of a substantial spot market volume, evident through the premium found on spot exchanges as opposed to that of futures exchanges. There were numerous analysts who explained that a potential Biden presidency may shine favourably on the further appreciation associated with the price of Bitcoin.

Increase on the price of precious metals due to increases in coronavirus cases

There have been numerous gains in the prices associated with precious metals, due to tightening restrictions as result of increases in positive Covid-19 cases in Europe, especially Spain, Italy, France, and the UK.

Dow Jones jumps more than 250 points

As the US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said the stimulus deal is possible, the Dow Jones saw its points gain by 276 in addition to the S&P trading around 1,06% in the green. President Trump stated he would be willing to increase the economic stimulus to more than $2,2 tril.

Greater Manchester enters lockdown

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced there would be a substantial tightening of restriction measures in the Greater Manchester area. A three-restriction-level lockdown has been implemented and under these new restrictions, household mixing will henceforth be banned, and all pubs and bars will be closed until further notice.

European markets shut down as a result of concern over coronavirus infection increases

There was a mixed closing of European equities as more concerns regarding increases in Covid-19 infections spread, in addition to a deadline associated for the American fiscal stimulus that is awaiting agreement, further weighing heavily on the market sentiment. Energy prices have decreased 3,3% per annum, and petroleum products saw a decrease of 17,9%, in addition to natural gas prices falling by 8,2%.

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