Interpol goes after the Guptas: How their criminal network has spanned continents

 Interpol goes after the Guptas: How their criminal network has spanned continents

Interpol goes after the Guptas: How their criminal network has spanned continents.

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There are very few South Africans who are not familiar with the wealthy Indian-born family, the Guptas, with business interests in South Africa. Their connection with former president Jacob Zuma is no secret following 100 000 emails which leaked under the hashtag #GuptaLeaks, revealing transactions between the Gupta family and the Zumas. Following recent events, Interpol has issued a red notice for the Gupta family, and anyone associated with them. A red notice is a request to law enforcement around the world to locate as well as provisionally arrest any person who has pending extradition, surrender, or any other similar legal action.

This notice alone serves as proof of how widespread the criminal network of the Guptas has become. The red notice which has been issued by Interpol is part of judicial proceedings of South Africa, which is the country issuing the request.

It may not refer to the home country of the individual or group, but it refers to the country where the crimes have been committed. However, the red notice cannot serve as an international arrest warrant, and neither can Interpol use this to compel enforcement authorities in any country to arrest a person or group subjected to the notice.

The extent of the Gupta criminal network

The Guptas are not only known to have wreaked havoc in South Africa, but the criminal network associated with the family has spanned across the globe. During May, the British Fraud Unit announced that it had started with investigations into the Gupta family after the United States Government slapped financial sanctions on the Guptas in 2019. However, it does not end here, according to multiple news reports in recent years, the Guptas front companies were using money laundering operations for international drug cartels, and even for terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.

With the Red Notice issued on the Guptas, only time will tell whether Interpol will be able to catch the family with the help of international law enforcement.

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