If you invested in R10 000 in MasterCard in 2006, how much money would you have now?

 If you invested in R10 000 in MasterCard in 2006, how much money would you have now?

If you invested in R10 000 in MasterCard in 2006, how much money would you have now?

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MasterCard (NYSE: MA) is one of the most well known names in the world and the company is widely known for its financial services. However, it maintains that it is still a tech business first because of its standing as a tech company in a global payments industry, using innovative technology that keeps it one step ahead of its competition.

Mastercard has had several innovative breakthroughs in tech in the last few years including contactless payments, Mastercard in Control, which allows users control of how, where, and when cards are issued under their name or business, and a tool that streamlines checkout processes, especially for E-Commerce business owners.

Mastercard has made significant strides in technology, and it is one of the largest payment processors in the world, which has made it a goldmine for investors.

If you invested R10 000 in MasterCard in 2006 with its IPO, how much money would you have now?

Mastercard filed its paperwork for its initial public offering (IPO) in May 2006 during a time when its plastic bank cards were already being accepted at more than 24 million locations around the world. Even before its IPO, Mastercard already saw revenues of $2.593 billion (38 billion ZAR) in 2004 and $2.938 (43 billion ZAR) billion in 2005. Mastercard’s shares were priced at $39 (574.41 ZAR) per share, which means that you could have bought 17 MA shares.

At the time of writing, Mastercard shares are $355.73 (5,239.33 ZAR) per share, which means that your 17 shares would be worth $6,047.41, or R89,068.61, giving you an overall increase of 812% in the past 15 years.

Despite many challenges that are faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mastercard has shown consistent performance, with increased growth forecasted for this tech business.

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