Zander van der Merwe

Zander van der Merwe is a Commerce graduate with majors in Economics from the University of Pretoria with an intense passion for the financial markets. My general focus is to look at the markets holistically combining strong Fundamental views with the incorporation of Technical analysis in the sphere of the United States stock markets, indices, commodities as well as the new kid on the block: cryptocurrencies. I incorporate this very strongly with my value add to the TD Markets team to ensure that clients are being given the transparent and in-depth view of the markets that is imperative to a career in trading. I am also a writer and market analyst at TD markets


Rising vaccination rates a boost for Expedia

Following a strong selloff during the start of the week, US Indices consolidated for a major part of the day as no significant movements were made, with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen set to testify to the House of Representatives today with regards to the Coronavirus and Cares Act. The Fed is set to announce tapering in next month’s FOMC meeting. Read more.


In Buffet we trust

During the previous quarterly earnings, Berkshire Hathaway beat earnings and revenue by substantial margins, with price retreating to its lower daily range of $270 it may very well be the buying opportunity that investors are looking for for a longer time perspective.

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Delta Airlines suffering from the Delta variant

Yesterday was a negative day throughout the market as American policymakers signalled that the Fed is still on track to taper asset purchases. Despite recent positive earnings and revenue, the big focus will be the Delta variant that has pushed up infections to near peak levels causing concerns with regards to how it will impact air travel despite the high vaccination rates in the US. Read more.

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What to expect from NFP tomorrow?

“Substantial further growth” and “Transitory” seems to be the keywords that the Fed likes to focus on, and may very well be the catalysts to the Fed’s tapering announcement that may very well happen in the next month’s FOMC meeting. Read more.

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Powel goes hawkish at Jackson Hole, Apple could be set

Fed chair Powell addressed the elephant in the room on Friday, tapering will take place and it won’t be at the same time as when they decide to raise interest rates. Apples earnings and revenue remain positive as earnings and revenue surpassed expectations in last months earnings reports. Apple was up 0.72% on Friday’s close. Read more.

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