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Louis is a freelance writer that has been featured on investing.com, entrepreneur.com, marketwatch.com, benzinga, seekingaplha. Louis focusses on helpful news and tips on cfd’s, forex trading and crypto. When he is not writing world class articles, he is an avid trader in crypto.


South African automotive industry expected to be largest on the

South Africa is expected to be the largest automotive industry in the continent however, increased competition from the used vehicle market and weak domestic demand - which is further compounded by constrained household finances and high unemployment remains the major concerns for the automotive industry in the country. Read more.


World Bank revises GDP growth for Sub-Saharan Africa

The World Bank has  revised up  0,2%  real  GDP  growth for sub Saharan Africa  with expectations for  an estimated  2,3%  in 2021 and  3,1%  in  2022 as higher commodity  prices expected to rise due to an uptick in global demand  for commodities. Read more.


Outlook for Zimbabwe remains negative

The African Development Bank (AFDB) says outlook for Zimbabwe remains clouded with challenges as the industrial and mining sectors are faced with reduced competitiveness, low commodity prices, and interruptions in electrical service that disrupt output in 2021. Read more.


Property returns were above inflation in 2020

Property returns were above inflation in 2020 but unstable currency has been chasing away sellers as  they are terrified to lose value leading to unstable valuation inputs  in the sector. Direct property composite returns stood at +401%,listed property at  +1,427% while  CPI  was at +348,58% during the period. An paper presented by Old Mutual Zimbabwe […]

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