Liezel Thorne

Liezel is a content writer with a passion for writing about the financial industry and corresponding markets. Her favorite topics include Forex, Stocks and Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and anything relating to trading technology – news, newest and latest tips, tricks, and trends. She has done extensive reviews on brokers, trading platforms (web, desktop, and mobile), and various other concepts involved with trading. As a student of Environmental management, she has a keen interest in geography, environmentalism as well as conservation of both fauna and flora.


If you invested R10 000 in KFC in 1969, how

Established by Harland Sanders in Kentucky in 1950, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the largest fast-food chicken operator, developer as well as franchiser in the world today. The franchise started as nothing more than Sanders cooking the food from the backroom of a gas station that he had opened. Read more.

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