Terence Hove

Terence Hove, a Financial Markets Analyst with multi-asset brokerage firm Exness completed his BBusSci: Economics at Monash University. With over 8 year experience within financial service his expertise is well developed in financial markets analytics and trading. Exness is an industry leader that provides reliable online trading in financial markets. Exness offers professional services on the above-mentioned assets, please follow the link to learn more on the offering exness.com

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Market Overview: What is moving the markets?

The first quarter (Q1) of 2022 has proved to be a historical start to the year in particular for some markets such as nickel and wheat trade. Much of the price action was initially driven by inflation concerns as global economies began to open more after Covid-19 forced lockdowns. Read more.

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Geopolitical Risk Triggers Risk-Off sentiment

At the time of print Gold (XAUUSD) was trading $1,855 per ounce, US 10_yr was bid at 1.92 percent up 0.42% during the London trading session, the Volatility Index is up 13.46% traded at 31.03 and the USDJPY is down -0.30% indicating a strengthening of the Japanese Yen (JPY) against the US Dollar (USD). Read more.

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Overall market expectations this week

Gold retreated from a bullish week on Fed Governor Waller hawkish comments on the need for faster tapering of the quantitative easing (QE) program. Subsequently markets have had an upshift in the expectation of the US interest rate path going into 2022. This expectation has also been reflected in the Treasury yields curve with a steepened front end with the belly and the long end of the curve flattened. Read more.

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