Charles Mkula

Charles Mkula has over 15 years of working as a Malawian newsroom news reporter and editor as well as a freelance journalist for a number of international news outlets, Charles Mkula has worked as a Public Relations Officer for a Malawi/Germany urban development project. He co-founded Hyphen Media Institute, a platform for sharing information generated from policy debate and advocacy activities. Charles likes reading, writing, traveling, exercises, making friends, listening to music, watching TV, documentaries and cartoons.


Malawi failing to meet livestock consumptions demand

In its frantic attempt to meet the beef, dairy and poultry market demands, Malawi’s livestock industry barely scratches the surface when yet a close, deliberate, environmental scan exposes the country as a lucrative investment destination for intensive livestock production.

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Malawi: Wet land, dry taps, and plenty of opportunities

Twenty percent of Malawi’s total area is covered by 18 water resource areas comprising of key river basins that are further sub-divided into individual river catchments. Lake Malawi dominates the country’s water catchments with a total size of 28,750 km2 and accounting for 95 percent of all surface water resources in the country. Read more.


Malawi stock market trading updates

The National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc has announced that it has now completed the acquisition of a 51 percent controlling stake in Akiba Commercial Bank plc (ACB) in Tanzania for a consideration of USD 7.31 million. Read more.

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