Charles Mkula

Charles Mkula has over 15 years of working as a Malawian newsroom news reporter and editor as well as a freelance journalist for a number of international news outlets, Charles Mkula has worked as a Public Relations Officer for a Malawi/Germany urban development project. He co-founded Hyphen Media Institute, a platform for sharing information generated from policy debate and advocacy activities. Charles likes reading, writing, traveling, exercises, making friends, listening to music, watching TV, documentaries and cartoons.


Mining the future away from children

Atupele is only 13 but his physique makes him look like a 19 year-old. His rough skin is marked by cuts and bruises. His fiery eyes raise questions about the limp in his walk and the coarseness in his voice. Read more.


Malawi’s Monkey Bay beckons

Two home-grown Malawian entrepreneurs, Manuel Mangazi and Joseph Mponda, saw a tourism market potential at the feet of the granitic Dzimwe hills under a canopy of tropical savannah climate miombo trees that meet the crystal clear southern lakeshore sandy beaches of Lake Malawi, one of the world’s fresh water bodies, at Monkey Bay in the tourist district of Mangochi. Read more.


Buy Malawi campaign raises hope

The Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS), an initiative that encourages the citizenry to procure local services and products, has the potential to boost the manufacturing industry and, on a larger scale, the country’s economy. Read more.


International market demands over $275m worth of Malawi legumes

Tobacco has for many years been called ‘Malawi’s green gold’, an expression coined to signify the importance of the crop to the country’s economy. But while the leaf enjoyed a favourable time and space on the international market, several crops in the legume family had been silently waiting in the wings to steal the show. Read more.


The Nacala corridor Malawi’s minerals export route

A study by Sovereign Metals Limited, the company exploring rutile mineral deposits at Kasiya in central Malawi’s Lilongwe district, has confirmed that the Nacala Corridor is the preferred logistics infrastructure for exporting the company’s mineral products to global markets through the Nacala port on the Indian Ocean in Mozambique. Read more.

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